Priority Support

Priority Support is an optional component of my RapidWeaver consulting, website development and project management services. The primary goal of this service is to offer clients an accelerated timeline for engaging and completing support requests — within 1 business day in most cases. Clients who take advantage of Priority Support will have their requests prioritized to the top of my support queue, which otherwise is sorted chronologically by date received.

Another goal of Priority Support is to encourage business owners to commit to the development and improvement of their websites on a monthly basis. If a significant portion of your business relies on the function and performance of your website, then it is important to devote time to measuring the website’s performance and making improvements. Most business owners are reactionary when it comes to their website — ignoring it for weeks and months — attempting to play catch-up at some point after things fall behind or issues arise. A Priority Support agreement helps to ensure that proactive steps are taken and that progress doesn’t stall. The results are a more effective website, and one that will steadily rise in Google’s search placement.

Priority Support applies to requests that fall under the categories of Project Management or Email Consulting:
Project Management
The following are items that commonly fall under this category and typically apply when I am handling maintenance for a project.
  • Changes/Additions to existing content
  • Development of new pages
  • Troubleshooting (server, website functionality, etc.)
  • SEO services
Email Consulting
The following are items that commonly fall under this category and typically apply when the clients is doing most of the project work.
  • Answering general RapidWeaver questions
  • Reviewing the website or RapidWeaver project
  • Recommending a theme or add-ons for a project
  • Troubleshooting and other general issues

Benefits of Priority Support

  • 24-hour (or less) turnaround
Monday-Friday. Requests that require a large quantity of time (7+ hours) may not be completed within the 24-hour timeframe.
  • Reduced hourly rate
Priority Support offers several support tiers based on a monthly block of hours. These tiers include reduced hourly rates. See Pricing & Sign-Up below for details.
  • Locked rate for as long as Priority Support is active
My hourly rate adjusts every 12-18 months. A Priority Support account will keep you at the current (reduced) hourly rate for as long as your account is active.
  • Reduced rate also applies to overages
Regardless of the Priority Support Tier that you choose, any hours that exceed that block of time will be billed at the same reduced rate.

Pricing & Sign-Up

There are three tiers of Priority Support, each based on a block of of hours and a corresponding reduced hourly rate. Current standard rate is $85/hour.

Priority Support - Tier 5

5-hour block @ $80/hour

Priority Support - Tier 10

10-hour block @ $70/hour

Priority Support - Tier 7

7-hour block @ $75/hour


All Priority Support accounts require a minimum 6-month commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering Priority Support?
There are several reasons…

1) I want to offer a premium support service without charging a higher fee.
2) For a client whose website plays a significant role in their business, I want to encourage regular attention to the website — in the form of updates, analytics reports and aggressive SEO strategies.
3) I want to have a better expectation of my monthly workload, which will allow me to make informed decisions about new project opportunities.
What is the billing cycle?
The billing cycle is monthly, and begins on the day that you sign-up. You will be automatically billed the same amount each month going forward.
Do I need a PayPal account to sign-up?
Yes, though you can use a credit card for payment. PayPal stores your payment information in its system and requires that you have a PayPal account in order for those details to be stored for future billing.
What if I want to change the Priority Support Tier for my account?
Contact me and I will work out the details to make the transition smooth.
What if I decide to cancel Priority Support?
You can cancel anytime through your PayPal account, and I will be glad to assist with this if needed.

Priority Support does require a 6-month minimum commitment, allowing you to receive the reduced hourly rate. If you decide to cancel before the end of the 6-month period, then you agree to be invoiced at the current standard rate for any hours billed at the discounted rate.

For example, if you are on the Tier 5 plan and cancel after the first month, then you will be invoiced $25 (5 hours @ $85 = $425 - $400).

Please note that an active account locks you into that hourly rate for as long as the account is active.
What if I exceed the quantity of hours in my tier during a single month?
Additional hours will be billed at the reduced rate based on your tier. For example, 10 hours at the Tier 5 level (5-hour block) will be billed at the Tier 5 rate. Since you will have been automatically charged for the first 5 hours, I will manually invoice you for the additional 5 hours. Manual invoices will be sent during the first week of the following month.
What isn’t covered by Priority Support?
Everything is covered. The only caveat is that some requests may not be completed within 1 business day. These requests are typically those that require a large quantity of time (7+ hours). Still, the work is billed at the reduced hourly rate based on your tier.

Brand new website projects can also fall under the reduced hourly rate offered by the Priority Support Tier, though they will certainly take more time to complete.
What if you receive multiple requests from clients on the same day?
I will work overtime! =)

If for some reason all requests cannot be completed within 1 business day, I will notify you and make arrangements to complete all of the work as quickly as possible.
What if I don’t use up all of the time in a given month?
Part of my job is to ensure that doesn’t happen. This starts with choosing the right Priority Support Tier for your situation. If a month is winding down and time remains on your account, I will make recommendations for ways to effectively utilize that time before the month ends.

If the worst case scenario does occur and a month ends with time remaining, I will notify you and we can make suitable arrangements.
What if I submit a request on a Friday afternoon?
I will address your request that day if possible. Otherwise it will be completed on the following Monday.