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Websmith is passionate about creating attractive, effective websites, and has been doing it since 2006.

Websmith develops small to medium-size websites that serve most any purpose, from personal to business and e-commerce to membership, and specializes in responsive design that makes websites look great on any device.

Websmith also offers private training and consulting for RapidWeaver users, along with the online training at RapidWeaver Classroom.

More details are available below, or you can contact me to request more information.

Website Design

Websmith specializes in developing small to medium-size websites for most any use. We follow the latest design trends, including responsive design, which optimizes a website for viewing on devices of any size. View this website on a computer, tablet and smart phone to see examples of responsive design.

We also place heavy emphasis on usability and search engine optimization. Our goals are simple:

1) Create a website that looks great on any device.
2) Develop the website to be found by online searches.
3) Make it easy for visitors to find information and contact you.
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RapidWeaver Training & Consulting

You might be using the greatest web development application ever created for the Mac, but you still might not feel completely comfortable designing a website. Not to worry, I'm here to help! Whether you're designing a personal site, a business site for yourself, or a site for a client, I am available to assist in whatever way works best for you.

My training and consulting service offers a variety of options:

- 1-on-1 consulting by phone or Skype with screen-sharing
- hands-on work with your RapidWeaver project
- training on the use of RapidWeaver and its add-ons
- implementation of design and SEO strategies
- advanced theme modification

My qualifications include 13 years of RapidWeaver experience, 300+ RapidWeaver consulting clients and ownership/operation of
RapidWeaver Classroom.
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E-Learning Membership Site Development

Another Websmith specialty is the creation of e-learning membership websites. We launched RapidWeaver Classroom in 2008, and it is currently home to over 400 video tutorials that have helped train thousands of RapidWeaver users.

We use aMember membership software as our membership platform, and have assisted in setting it up for dozens of membership websites. In addition, the creation and distribution of video training -- specifically "screen casting" -- is another area of expertise.

If you have a great idea for a membership website, we'd like to help you get it going. There are a lot of details to think through, and we have years of experience to help you make the best decisions for your project.
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