RapidWeaver Consulting Clients

Choosing a Service and Getting Started
My RapidWeaver Consulting service is available to assist you in any area of website development with RapidWeaver. Are you just getting started with your project and need direction? Are you finishing-up with a project and need someone to look over everything? Are you stuck somewhere in-between? Regardless of where you are in the process, I’d be glad to help.

Below you can find explanations of the different types of consulting services I provide. Please contact me if you have any questions, or are ready to get started.

One-on-One Consulting by Skype or Phone + Screen-Sharing

I enjoy this method of consulting because live interaction facilitates learning and the exchange of ideas. If you want to get things done and learn while you do them, then you might be interested in this consulting service. By utilizing screen-sharing, I can see what you are working on, or you can even watch me do some work with your project. Either way, the experience is almost as good as sitting down next to one another to work on your project.

One-on-One Consulting is available by appointment at $85/hour, and a typical session lasts 1-2 hours, though it can vary based on your needs. I utilize Skype or the free Join.me service for screen-sharing. If you are not a Skype user, then a phone call and screen-sharing via Join.me works great. In that case, you will want to visit Join.me in advance to download the free application that will be used during our consultation.
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Remote Project Management Services

This service is catered to those who want to temporarily (or even permanently) hand-off their project to move the progress forward. I am happy to assist with your project as much or as little as you may need. I can complete a project from start to finish, or come along at any point in-between. The project can be handed back over to you after my work is done, or I can hold on to it and assist with long-term maintenance as well.

The primary difference between this service and the One-on-One service is that I do this work remotely, apart from a scheduled consulting call, though a combination of both services is common. All manners of work is available under this service, from complete website development, to theme modification, project review and any other type of development work. With the exception of advanced SEO services, all work is billed at a rate of $85/hour, though a more advanced level of support is available at discounted rates.

Projects and associated files are typically shared via Dropbox. This makes it easy to exchange files back and forth without having to dig through email and worry about large attachments not going through. If you don’t already use Dropbox then you might benefit from my Dropbox Guide.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When are you available for one-on-one consulting appointments?
Weekdays between 11am-5pm Central typically work best for me. I do not schedule calls during weekends, but I can be flexible with times during the week if necessary.
Where are you located and what time zone?
I am in Texas which is in the Central time zone. That’s 1 hour behind Eastern, and 2 ahead of Pacific. I work with many clients overseas as well, and a time difference of 6-8 hours is typical.
Can I schedule weekly consulting sessions?
Yes, I have clients who I meet with as often as 3 times per week. There is really no limit to the length or frequency of consulting appointments.
How do you bill?
For one-on-one consulting appointments, I bill following the appointment by sending a PDF invoice by email, with a link to a page on this website where payment can be submitted via PayPal or credit card.

Typical project management services are also billed following completion of the work. For larger projects that are quoted, I require a 50% deposit in advance, with the remaining balance due upon completion and delivery of the project.
What is your rate?
Nearly all of my services fall under the rate of $85/hour. The one exception is my advanced SEO service, which is billed at a rate of $125/hour.

A discounted hourly rate is offered with a Priority Support account.
What are advanced SEO services?
The advanced SEO service is a component of my project management service. It goes beyond the standard SEO work that is done during the development of a website project, and involves research, testing and the development of specific SEO strategies to improve a website’s chances of high placement in Google searches.