RapidWeaver Training and Consulting Services

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A brief introduction...

Hi, my name is Ryan Smith. I love website design, I love RapidWeaver, and I love helping and teaching people to develop their own websites.

I have provided 1-on-1 training and consulting services to RapidWeaver users since 2007, and I am privileged to still offer those services today. I launched
RapidWeaver Classroom in May 2008, and it continues to be the most comprehensive RapidWeaver training resource available.

Whether you've run into some hurdles with your website project, you can't find the time to work on it, or you simply want an outside perspective, I'd be glad to help. I offer a variety of services, so continue down the page to get a basic overview, and then please contact me to get started or find out more.
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How Can I Be of Help?

1-on-1 Consulting

Schedule an appointment by phone or Skype to go over your questions together. We can discuss any topic and utilize screen-sharing so that it's almost like we are sitting in the same room.

Cost: $85/hour
Project Maintenance

Get hands-on help throughout the development of your website project. You handle whatever you're comfortable with, and I will take care of the rest. Never underestimate the power of teamwork.

Cost: $85/hour
Complete Website Design

If you can't find time to design the website yourself, then I can do it for you -- start to finish -- and hand it back to you for ongoing maintenance, unless you'd like me to do that, too.

Cost: Quoted by Project
SEO Implementation

Optimize your website to give it the best opportunity to rank well in online searches. I implement SEO strategies that create real, measurable results, often in a short amount of time.

Cost: $125/hour
Project Review

Have your website reviewed and proof-read before you publish. I will check every detail and page setting to make sure you haven't missed anything important before the website goes live.

Cost: $85/hour
Theme Modification

Have your RapidWeaver theme modified to look the way you want. I can customize a theme's HTML, CSS, images and Page Inspector Styles to accomplish all kinds of needs.

Cost: $85/hour
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Priority Support: Get help right away.

In addition to the services offered above, I also offer an advanced level of support that provides 24-hour turnaround (in most cases) and encourages a proactive approach to measuring and interpreting website statistics, implementing updates and making ongoing improvements in areas such as user experience, content presentation and search engine optimization.

Several different tiers of support are offered, with discounted hourly rates based on the selected support tier. Priority Support is available to anyone, but is geared towards businesses with a critical web presence.